Saturday, March 03, 2007

Naughty Peaches

Today, Naughty Peaches demonstrated that he did not know what the word "plagiarism" means.

A critic reviewed his only not-self-published book, House of Spiders 3. In the review she parodied two of his characters from the novella having a conversation. He immediately accused her of ... you guessed it ... plagiarism.

That seems to be the flavor of the month with him. He picks up words and uses them without understanding what they mean.

During a particularly ugly period, I received phone calls from his mother, his grandmother, and his cousin, as well as numerous IM contacts and emails and comments posted to my other blogs. I later changed my phone number to put a stop to it again.

Naughty Peaches is 30 years old, and yet his family feels they must protect him from the hordes of people that he hurts and offends with his abusive behavior.

To be honest, Peaches is a somewhat pathetic figure. At times I pity him.

That does not mean that I'm willing to put up with his abuse, however.

Peaches was a special education child. He graduated from High School taking special ed classes and he has admitted that he has a learning disability, although he has never said what it is.

I can understand the angst and anger of the disabled because I had polio at age eight. At this point in my life I have no memory of ever having been "normal."

His cousin told me that most of the family is "slow."

What prevents Peaches from being pitied and ignored is his abusiveness and his relentless pursuit of anyone he thinks has wronged him.

I no longer loom as large on his hit parade as I once did, but he still comes after me.

Now, before you ask whether he has asperger's syndrome or some related condition, I can assure you that he doesn't. All the abusive obscene language is very consciously used on his part.

For a time he had an author blog on They call them 'plogs' and they are not selective about who gets them. Therefore, even though Peaches is self-published, he got one. He lost it. And they took away his product wiki also. The reason was the obscenities. has a software system that removes obscenities. So he began using alternate spellings and *** to get past it. And he crowed about his victory on his numerous blogs.

He posted a picture on all of his blogs that cost him his blogs on deadjournal and greatestjournal. He has a blogspot and a host of others. The picture? He put two pictures of writers he disliked into the toilet and pissed on them and then took a picture of his deed and put it up all over the place. It was childish and immature.

There are forums where young writers gather such as spinetinglers. There they post their work in a protected area where it can be critiqued by other members in the hopes that the feedback will help them to improve. What happened there is typical of Naughty Peaches. He posted one of his grammatically challenged stories there and people responded with their usual honesty. Several of them did what I had on first meeting him: they suggested he get a copy of Strunk and White.

He reacted by abusing them in harsh language on the forums, in private messages, and emails. If they had a blog somewhere, they also received ugly comments from him.

I pointed this out to his family once, and they laughed at it. I guess it runs in the family.

I suspect that he is, at least to some degree, delusional.

His accusations seem to come out of thin air and left field. They include sex, e-piracy, conspiracy, and now plagiarism.

during my early days of investigating him (I was looking for some explanation of why he was doing ugly things to me), two women contacted me who knew him personally. They had both gone into hiding to escape him, and asked that I not give out their names.

Where is all this going?

Well, my first reaction to his accusations of plagiarism was shock and anger. Then I became depressed (a normal reaction to getting as angry as I had) but today after a good night's sleep, I have leveled out again.

Hopefully, something can and will be done about him one day. He's making an entire community miserable.

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