Sunday, March 04, 2007

More Naughty Peaches

Eventually I will move on to other subjects, but I have not yet said everything on this subject that I feel needs to be said.

I closed down my xanga blog a few hours ago. Peaches had left 60 footprints on my xanga in three hours. He just kept digging and digging and digging, looking for enough dirt to get it shut down.

I decided to curtail his activities by shutting it down myself.

I had been thinking about it for several weeks. It seemed the right thing to do.

When I created the ReynanSharani blog at xanga, I wanted it to be another fun spot much like LJ is. Yes, I have dozens of blogs. Well, maybe not dozens, but a lot of them. In fact I don't even remember all the places I have opened blogs.

The very first person to post a comment on that blog was Peaches and it was a threat.

He said that he intended to ruin my sales.

I archived that blog before I shut it down. It was a paid acct so that was no problem. I reactivated my Insane Journal tonight. I'll be posting there as well as all the other places. As always, I'm cussedness there.

Why so many blogs?

Well, that's what Naughty Peaches does. He gets blogs by the dozens. Most of them are dead now and haven't been posted to for years. And some have been taken down for TOS violations.

I got all of these blogs because I felt the need to have somewhere to flee to when he was bothering me too much at one of them. It gave me breathing room.

I use up a lot of emotional and mental energy working on my novels and short stories.

I can only handle Peaches in small doses. When I get too caught up in fighting with him, I become exhausted quickly. Then my writing suffers. So I needed these retreats to recharge my batteries.

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