Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Children of Wrath is at Fictionwise. YAY

Between Renebooks moving their hosting, and other issues, Children of Wrath has been sitting on their site and their alternate site, but had not yet made it up at fictionwise. Well, that's finally been changed and that gives me a delightful feeling.


"Triumphant Conclusion of the Dark Fantasy Saga Reviewer Susie Hawes Calls"Fast Paced, Vivid and Dramatic! Janrae has done it again. [The Journey of the Sacred King Quartet] pulls you right in. These novels are set in the same world as the Dark Brothers of the Light saga. Featuring characters and a society first discussed in the novel, In the Darkness, Hunting; this book tells the story of Aejystrys Rowan and her rivalry with her sister, Margren. Aejystrys is a a paladin who has lost her faith. When her homeland and the life of her daughter are threatened she returns from exile, even though to do so is to risk execution. Margren's hatred of Aejystrys is a motivating factor in her decision to overthrow the realm and kill Aejystrys' daughter. "this book will keep you rooted to the end." In the final novel of this million word saga, Hoon and Mephistis seek revenge on Aejystrys. Kalirion calls in her debt for being allowed to draw his sword, Spiritdancer. She founds Rowanhart with herself as king. Hoon and Mephistis attack but are defeated and forced to flee. Aejys marries Josiah and Tamlestari, only to divorce Josiah, who has another woman. On the orders of her liege-god Kalirion, Aejys pursues Hoon and Mephistis who are hiding in Charas, the City of Magic. Dynarien and Josiah, who is dying of the spell he cast in book two, accompany Aejys in disguise. It all leads to a final, unforgettable confrontation of swords against sorcery, that leads to one of the most unexpected conclusions in the history of heroic fantasy!

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner, Published: 2006
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2006

I think the publisher's blurb gives a bit too much away, but not as badly as some I've seen over the years. I'm glad to finally see it out. It's an interesting feeling to have one of my series finished.

The newest installment in the Dark Brothers of the light series, Blood Harvest, is nearly finished, and I have a third series just starting. Mother Damnation: The Blessed and the Damned has been turned into my editor, Karen E. Taylor.

My work with Karen may be something of an industry first: An author of vampire fiction editing an author of vampire fiction