Monday, March 13, 2006


I'm getting ready to cross post a group of kamikaze posts from my lj here. I'm still angry, but more than anything I think I've finally come to the straw / camel point in my association with the section of the horror community that posts on messageboards and blogs. I am resigning from Persephone Writers Organization where I have been the membership chair, and I'm posting less and less on various horror boards, so it's no big loss that I stop completely. My interest in the immature gamesmanship, insulting behavior patterns, and their "willingness to compromise with evil" in their fiction and their feeding frenzies has become both tiresome and irksome. I'm going to single out some people by name here and list them as having contributed to my decision.

Nicholas Pacione
Nick Mamatas
Nick Kaufmann
Mike Philbin
Steven Wedel
Rain Graves

There are others, but it will do for a start.

I have always been an outsider by nature. I put up with people in groups for a long time before I finally lose all patience with them. One of the things that most made me want to become a writer was the freedom to walk my own path, experience my own journey, and to not find myself confined by the expectations of others.

Good writing comes not from not from an exploration of the outer world in a shallow manner, but from an inner wellspring that has reflected upon how the outer impinges upon the inner. Good writing is not based upon mean-spirited people writing mean-spirited stories. Good writing is not afraid to look inside the heart and soul and contemplate our own and others simple tragedies. Good writing is not the scary face in the window. It is the scary face of our own hearts and souls.

I have no patience and tolerance left.

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