Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Changes and More

While I originally started this for political commentary alone, I realize that I spend most of my time writing fiction, so I need to include some of that also.

I firmly believe that Bush stole both elections, that the guy they are trying to get onto the supreme court is corrupt, and worry about the fact that they are trying to cancel the civil rights act which would allow them to disenfranchise millions of blacks in the south.

So now, lets turn to the writing aspects.

I currently have one book is tradepaper from Wildside Press: In The Darkness, Hunting

Four volumes in the Dark Brothers of the Light series are available in electronic form from Renaissance Ebooks. Titles are:
Blood Rites
Blood Heresy
Blood Dawn
Blood Wraiths

Blood Paladin will be out in a few weeks. It is the darkest book in the series.

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