Sunday, October 24, 2004

blowing off steam

I figured I would rant here because I think my other journals are getting over loaded by them. I only got a blog here so that I could post as someone other than anonymous.

Or more to the point so that I could post as myself at Wierdish Wildspace, Mary San Giovanni's site. I have another blog spot that I haven't set up yet that I got simply to have posting access to some friends' journals and may activate that one also in the near future. There's so much going on that that I don't want to innundate any single journal with them. For the last two months, my journal at journalscape has rarely gone without a post and sometimes multiple posts in a single day.

Okay, here's the rant.

My son had a very serious situation with kidney stones. The damned things were huge and the first doctor said that he should be rushed right to surgery. However, my son was determined to avoid that if possible and insisted on trying ultrasound to blast the stones first. His girlfriend was at his side and was as adamant as he was. His friend, Adam, who was also there, said that the first doctor was "scalpel-happy". For several days my son was in so much pain he couldn't speak.

The ultrasound, what is called lithoscopy, worked and the stones were shattered. That meant that my son would not need surgery, which he would have had the procedure failed, and there was always that possibility. The first twenty-four hours there was still blood in his urine, but it went away. However, he needs to watch for signs of infection.

All of this happened on my birthday. I spent days worrying about my son, then the day after my birthday he had the procedure. I had a single day to start to finally relax, when Pacione decided to start bombarding me with death wishes for my son.

I lost my temper to the worst degree yet. If I had lived in the same town as this pig, I would have driven over and smashed his face in. That's how stressed and angry I was. Pigman had finally managed to find me feeling vulnerable enough to strike at successfully.

However, it is going to be a very short-lived victory.


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